Mission, Vision and Values


Help society and our customers to know, use and explore the coast, the oceans and their wealth – ensuring their protection and conservation.



Become a world reference in terms of knowledge and service delivery at sea, always doing it the right way.



OceanPact’s values express its essential characteristics and the commitment to obtain the best results for its customers and shareholders.

Can be done: If it can be done safely, we will do it. We are not afraid of the difficulties and we do not spare any effort to do whatever it takes. We are always available and prepared to act quickly.

The right way: What needs to be done, we do it well, in a sustainable and fair way. We keep our commitments and deliver what is agreed, respecting people, standards and the environment.

We like what we do: We have initiative, we are excited by the achievements, we work as a team and we value the adhesion and spread of our culture. We want to grow and improve, always.

Confidence: We work with ethics and transparency in an environment of trust, and we cultivate that trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Innovation: We are open-minded to encourage creativity and innovation. We are constantly looking for new solutions, services and processes. We accept mistakes that result in learning and correct their causes.

Results: We consistently seek positive results for ourselves, our customers and the environment – always in the right way.